Owning a horse is a huge commitment and one not tangible to many; however, leasing with Hidden Springs may be an option for you! Our students get first pick when it comes to leasing but experienced riders are encouraged to consider this option as well. We will not lease a horse to beginners, the rider/family must be competent and comfortable in horse care and handling.


Quarter-Lease $240/month (2 rides/week)

Half-Lease $325/month (3 rides/week)

Full-Lease $600/month (6 rides/week)

Exclusive Full-Lease $700-$800 (no schedule)

*All lease options reserve the right to use the horse in IEA shows.

*With exception of an Exclusive-Full lease, your rides will be scheduled on the same days each week.

*Hidden Springs covers stabling, vet, and farrier costs.

*All leasers must give a 30 day notice prior to discontinuing/decreasing their lease.

Please visit our FAQ page or contact us with any additional questions. Send us a quick email to discuss leasing options today!