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Beginner Course Instructor

- I started riding in 2011.

- Favorite discipline is English

- Biggest accomplishment is becoming an instructor.

- Favorite thing about teaching is watching the rider grow and work as a team with their horse. 

From Breanna:

"I rode western for 2 years until I learned I wasn't cut out for running barrels at breakneck speed. I switched to English Hunter Jumper because I love working on equitation and learning how to use my body to communicate with my horse. 

Horses have so much to teach us; we just have to learn to listen!  I love working with horses and building upon the teamwork between the rider and the horse.  It is constant communication that makes riding horses so rewarding. Building the bond with the horse and learning what makes them tick is the highlight of my day.  I love teaching others to build this bond and become skilled riders.

My teaching philosophy is to work hard on the foundational skills while having fun communicating with your horse and constantly growing in your confidence and skill as a rider."

Breanna Hodgins: TeamMember
Breanna Hodgins: Pro Gallery
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